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Who we really are? TeriTori is the band of two singer-songwriters, lyricists, arrangers, dreamers & (things around music) big DIY fools.

Pav Lee Tori - bass guitar, electric & acoustic guitars, vocals (plus sound, mix & producing)

Miss Teri Bee - piano, electric piano & synths, drums & percussions, vocals

TeriTori's jingle.mp3

Our magic mini pop artrock is not only full of cool late 50's, authentic melodies of 60's, dance rhythms of 70's, diversity of 80's & fresh early 90's, but it's the perfect mix of music & words for every single day.

For information regarding concert booking please contact us at or +353 86 258 5737.

Photos used on these pages were shot by Luciana Boschetti & we want to say our THANKS. Edited and additional photos by TeriTori.

Pictures and videos on social media were shot by Jackie Holloway (and Ger O'Sullivan). Thanks for your support.

Do you want to be in on our work & help to support new HQ audio/video recordings process? It's simple, please

Where TeriTori played in 2015-2017 season:

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